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photo_ScarTreatment.jpgIf you have residual scars from acne, we can offer treatments that can reduce the appearance of these scars.  We also have had success with stretch marks and residual scars from trauma or cutting of the skin.  Our treatments can target discoloration and eventually fade the brown, red or purple color.  In addition if you have scars that apprear as dents in the skin, our light treatments can build volume under the scar to "lift" the area and reduce the appearance of the scar.

Colored scars, acne and stretch marks can be treated with our Light Therapies. Usually the treatment involves several devices in combination.  Often we will use IPL and Laser Genesis for brown or red scars.  Acne scars respond well to Laser Genesis and Smoothbeam.  To minimize the scar, a series of at least 4 treatments are required and often up to 8 treatments are required.
Come in for a consultation to find out whether we can make a difference in the appearance of your scars.  We can put together custom packages of treatments to achieve this improvement in the look of your skin.
Cost: The price for scar treatment is quite variable.  It depends on the type, depth and surface area of the scar.  Prices can range from $75 and more for a single treatment (4 or more will be required to achieve an improvement).

acne scars, male, right temple area red acne scars, female, right cheek Scar Treatment Scar after one treatment Scar after four treatments Scar treatment Scar treatment 5 smb. + LG

Frequently Asked Questions

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