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SteriShoe Shoe Sanitizer


SteriShoe SanitizerWe are now offering the SteriShoe® sanitizer. This device inserts into the shoe and emits ultraviolet light for 45 min to sanitize the shoe. The SteriShoe® sanitizer is an innovative foot care product that provides a healthier environment for your feet by sanitizing the inside of your shoes. The SteriShoe® sanitizer is the only product clinically proven to kill up to 99.9% of problematic microorganisms!

Using germicidal ultraviolet light (UVC), the SteriShoe® shoe sanitizer kills the organisms that cause:
Toe nail fungus - Athlete's foot - Offensive shoe odor.

Plus, SteriShoe® is:

  • Accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association
  • Very easy, safe and convenient to use
  • Completely chemical and drug free

It is recommended that this device be used every day to sanitize shoes. This is a powerful prevention tool to prevent recurrence of Toe Fungus and to eliminate shoe odor.

SteriShoe Sanitizer
$135 a pair
10% off for our toe nail fungus clients

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