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Teri Sutton is our very experienced Certified Electrologist (C.E. for 16 years), and is also a Certified Laser Specialist (CLS for 13 years)


Laser Hair Removal is our preferred method for hair removal because we are able to treat much more hair in a given time period.  Laser also generally requires fewer treatment sessions and is the only practical method for large areas such as legs or chests. However, if you want to remove white, grey, blonde or red hair, electrology is the only method that will be effective.

Electrology uses a special needle that carries a current to the hair follicle.  This generates heat, and through the process of thermolysis (same as laser) damages the hair follicle so that it cannot regrow hair.  Unlike Laser, electrology treats one individual hair at a time.

If you are finding that your Laser treatments are not responding, it may be that your hair follicles lack the pigment necessary for laser to be effective. Occasionally, the hair can appear to have pigment on the surface, but lack that pigment under the skin.  In these situations, electrology can be used.

The number of visits required to take care of a given area is variable, but tends to require quite a few more treatments than Laser.  Just like with Laser treatments, the response of the hair varies depending on the individual, the area being treated and whether the hair is a result of hormonal influences (i.e. facial hair).

Regardless of the method we use, our goal is to remove your hair in a safe manner, resulting in nice permanent hair reduction. It is very important that your electrologist is certified and disposable needles are used!


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