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Keratosis Pilaris and Body Acne - August, 2017

Keratosis Pilaris

This is a condition that appears as red small bumps on the surface of the skin on the backs of arms or thighs. It is unclear how this develops, but it is a result of extra keratin production in certain areas of the skin


  • Waxy residue from the use of fabric softeners or dryer sheets may irritate and exacerbate the bumps.
  • Clothes that are tight and abrasive on the skin might also contribute to developing Keratosis Pilaris.


  • Use an exfoliating lotion that will slough off dead cells and unclog pores. Suggestion: Lytic Tx - $54
  • Help to soothe the inflammation and repair the skin barrier with a skin barrier repair cream - Suggestion: Extreme Barrier Cream - $48

Body Acne

This is acne that may appear in unusual areas such as chest, back, shoulders. It is sometimes harder to treat because is usually covered with clothing and can harbor bacteria and contribute to congested pores.


  • Follow the same prevention ideas as outlined above.
  • Clean skin as soon as possible after hot, sweaty workouts.
  • In the shower do not scrub skin with harsh brushes or abrasive scrubs. This can damage the skin barrier and lead to breakouts.


  • In addition to the treatment approach for Keratosis Pilaris, use an exfoliating and bacteria fighting wash such as Lytic Gel Cleanser. - $36.
  • Various Light and Laser treatments are effective and long lasting treatments for this acne. Call us to set up a consultation to discuss your options.

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