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Summer Clothes and Cellulite - June, 2017

Finally Summer is almost here and it's starting to feel like it!

It's time to change your closet over to those light breezy and skin revealing warm-weather clothes. Wearing lighter, fewer clothing items just makes us feel free and energized!

To look best in your summer clothes:

  1. Avoid constant shaving and come in for our summer bikini and underarm hair removal special.
  2. Remove those brown spots that are suddenly obvious on your arms, legs, face and décolleté.
  3. Are you noticing acne on your back that is suddenly revealed with back revealing dresses? We have several treatments that get rid of those unsightly acne bumps.
  4. Get rid of those spider veins that suddenly seem more obvious when wearing dresses and skirts without hose. A few laser treatments can remove those.

June Skin Tips:

How to prevent cellulite:

  • Regular physical activity (go for that daily walk now that days are longer and warm).
  • Diet: reduce alcohol, drink more water, avoid processed and sugar added foods, reduce consumption of fatty foods.
  • Lifestyle: Nicotine, stress and yo-yo dieting contribute to cellulite formation.

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