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Skin Tips for March

Risks for home hair removal

There are risks when doing hair removal at home - most commonly on the face for men and on the legs or bikini area for women. These injuries are most usually lacerations. The best way to prevent this is to use SHARP CLEAN RAZORS with a good quality shaving cream. Also, remember to take your time to do the task carefully with good lighting and line of sight - use good mirrors if it is difficult to see the area you are shaving.

Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH)

PIH is one of the most common adverse events after laser, light and chemical peel treatments. The inflammation caused by the heat and/or epidermal injury leads to an overproduction of pigment in the skin. It is important that your skin care practitioner follow common precautions in high risk clients.

These are some of the factors:

  • Fair-skinned Asian clients (Chinese, Korean, Japanese) experience some of the worst cases of PIH. These ethnic groups tend to have hyperactive melanocytes that are triggered by skin trauma whether it is light, chemical or mechanical.
  • Darker skin type clients: type III or higher are also at risk of PIH.
  • Clients who get a large amount of sun exposure after light/laser/chemical treatment have a higher risk.

Here are some ways to prevent PIH:

  • Test spots should be performed with a 3-day wait period to be sure the treatment doesn't trigger PIH.
  • Sun Protection both before and after treatment. Minimum 30 SPF broad spectrum sun block/screen containing zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.
  • Pre-treatment of skin with hydroquinone, cortisone and other preventative agents. At Lakewood Laser we treat clients with hydroquinone/cortisone/retinoid custom cream to reduce risk of PIH.

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