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Exfoliation Treatments - October, 2018

Many people love the soft smooth feel of their skin after an exfoliation treatment. We encourage regular mechanical exfoliation, but DO NOT encourage excessive exfoliation treatments which keep the skin barrier unbalanced. Excessive exfoliation treatments can cause more damage and inflammation.

Daily use of a scrub is too harsh for the skin and will leave the skin susceptible to chronic inflammation. Try to limit scrub treatments to no more than once a week. Scrubs with nut shell particles are particularly damaging (apricot scrubs). We do not recommend these at all. Instead products such as Lytic Tx, Glycolic Toner, and Purifying Toner will actively, yet gently remove surface scale while reducing inflammation and keeping pores clean and clear.

This is an excellent exfoliation treatment when performed by professionals, but regular skin maintenance needs only monthly microdermabrasion. This should always be followed with a skin barrier cream such asMedical Barrier Cream or Extrem eBarrier Cream. We offer a moisturizing and repairing mask after our Microdermabrasion treatments.

These should be done no more than monthly. Residual inflammation should be treated with a calming Renewal or Barrier product.

Mechanical exfoliation treatments are beneficial, but limit frequency, and follow up with restorative, repairing creams.

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