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Beauty Tips Potpourri - July, 2018

Do You have iPhone body?

You may have heard of "tech neck." Now, the popular term we are hearing about is "iPhone body". That is caused by the position we put our bodies in while using our iPhones: stiff and shortened neck, shoulders rolling forward, weak abs, and tight chest muscles. iPhone body happens because the weight of the head is tipped forward from looking down at a phone or screen all day. It's common in students as well as anyone with an intense desk job. These problems can be alleviated with Pilates exercises that open the chest, strengthen the middle and upper back, and target the abdomen.

The Comeback of Permanent Makeup:

The permanent makeup of today is different from the first generation of "tattoo makeup." Gone are the days of harsh, thick lines and unnatural colors. Improvements in the quality of blades, pigments and techniques have been brought in from other categories like color cosmetics. Instagram also raises the bar for what is possible and expected. There are also products such as Latisse that can make your eyelashes grow longer, fuller and darker. Check with us for more information.

Get Prepared for Cosmetic Procedures:

Prior to getting breast augmentations, get laser hair removal on your armpits. Shaving after breast augmentation can be difficult. This is true for any area with cosmetic procedures.

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