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ROSACEA - What is it? - May, 2018

Rosacea can show up as tiny red bumps or lumps or broken, prominent blood vessels on your face and nose. Usually it appears only on the face. Often the face looks red or flushes easily when drinking a glass of wine, is exposed to cold, eating spicy foods, or feeling stressed or anxious.

Rosacea is more often diagnosed in women that are fair skinned. But it can occur in men and darker-skinned people. It usually becomes visible in one's 30s and lasts a lifetime. It can be managed, but not cured.

There is still not a good understanding of what causes Rosacea. It may be linked to autoimmune diseases, or the presence of a particular bacteria on the skin.

There are various types of Rosacea:

  1. Blush and Flush: Persistent ruddy complexion, sometimes getting worse with stress, alcohol, sun exposure, coffee or hot foods.
  2. Acne-Like or Papulopustular: This looks like acne with small red bumps on cheeks and nose area.
  3. Rhinophymatous or "lumpy/bumpy": The texture of the skin becomes very thick and lumpy and usually occurs on the nose.
  4. Ocular: Eyes can be red, itching and burning. Or they can feel like there is sand in the eyes.


1. There are some topical treatments such as antimicrobial, or antibacterial creams.
2. *Laser treatments can be very effective. Usually a vascular laser is used. Usually 4-6 treatments are required to reduce the redness and irritation.

*Lakewood Laser offers these treatments that range in cost from $550 - $800 for three treatments. Typically after the initial series of treatments clients will come in once or twice a year for a maintenance treatment. If you are wondering if you could benefit from this, come in for a complimentary consultation.

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