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Grey Hair Facts - February, 2018

2 by Petra Brouwers


  • Your gray hair doesn’t “turn” gray overnight. It’s a gradual process. Each hair follicle at different times over several years slowly loses more and more pigment – until it is all gray! Or white!
  • Your genes are a big factor in determining when you turn gray. If your parents and grandparents turned gray early, it’s likely you will too.
  • Your natural color determines whether you will turn mostly gray or white first. Dark hair turns gray, light blonde hair turns white. Eventually your hair turns completely white.
  • Your hair is usually half gray by age 50 (although some people turn earlier and some turn later)
  • Health factors that stimulate gray hair: smoking, stress, thyroid problems, Vitamin B deficiency and hormonal shifts.

Letting your hair (finally) go all gray:

It takes time to make the transition. First, stop coloring the roots dark. Move to a lighter shade – this allows the gray to subtly blend in. Weave in some low and/or highlights to camouflage the gray. Then do less and less of the highlights until gray is your dominant color.

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