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December, 2016

graphic_15thAnniversary.png'Tis the Season! Happy Holidays to all our clients who are special to us!

Please don't forget to schedule your end of year appointment.

Lakewood Laser is thankful for all our terrific customers who have contributed to our success of THE LAST 15 YEARS!

We look forward to giving you our small Christmas gift when you schedule a treatment from now to Mid-January.

December Skin Tips:

Don't forget to give proper attention to your hands.

Winter months expose our hands to very dry irritating environments. Plus, with all the holiday cooking and baking, our hands are often immersed in harsh, hot soapy water. Our hands really need the same attention as our face.

  • If you do a face mask, apply the mask to your hands.
  • Use a deep moisturizer for your hands both morning and night.
  • Donning a pair of light gloves after deep moisturizing will help absorption into the skin.
  • Using rubber gloves when dishwashing and cleaning prevents all that exposure to harsh chemicals.

Sleep Wrinkles

The best position to avoid sleep wrinkles (which over the years can become permanent) is sleeping on your back. Tummy sleeping inevitably puts the face in a position that promotes wrinkles. Side sleep works well, especially if using a neck positioning pillow. Get lots of sleep during this busy season, but be careful of your position.

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