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photo_SkinRejuv-1.jpgMaturing skin that has been exposed to years of sun can now be treated. With our photorejuvenation treatments your complexion will appear more youthful with significant reduction in minor imperfections. We use lasers, intense pulsed light, and a low energy, high frequency treatment called Laser Genesis. These treatments improve uneven skin color and texture, rosacea, sun/age spots, fine wrinkles, redness and recent colored scars, and diminishes large pores.

photo_SkinRejuv-2.jpgTypically, we plan a series of treatments (1-6), which may involve one or more different types of procedures to improve the color and texture of your skin. The procedure feels like a small pinch or strong heating of the skin and can be repeated once or twice a month. The face, chest, arms and shoulders are the most common areas for treatment.

During our initial consultation, a series of treatments combined in a package will be recommended. This can involve different light treatments, as well as Microdermabrasion.

Photo Dynamic Therapy is an additional process that can enhance the results of photorejuvenation therapy.

Please see some of our before and after photos below.

Age/Sunspot Removal Periocular/Eye Wrinkle Treatment Rosacea Treatment Photodamage: IPL and Laser Genesis Treatment on the forehead Female, rosacea right cheek Sun/Age spots 1 Treatment Pigmentation on Neck Photodamage IPL before after Rosacea: before, after Rosacea Rosacea Rosacea 1 Maintenance Tx Rosacea before & after Acne 2 Isolaz Acne 2 Isolaz Treatments Acne 2 Isolaz Treatments Rosacea Treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

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