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Foot Care Products

We are now offering some excellent products to prevent and treat foot fungus. These products are highly effective and available only in medical offices like ours. They support the toenail fungus treatments that have been so popular.

Clean Sweep is offered at $13.00 for a 4oz bottle of aerosol spray.

Kills odor -causing Bacteria and Fungal organisms and neutralizes Ammonia, Urea, Smelly Fatty Acids and Steroids that causes odors and foot fungus conditions.


Formula 3 is an antifungal topical treatment for all types of Foot Fungus. It delivers tolnaftate in jojoba oil solution that can penetrate and treat various types of foot fungus.  

Offered at $36.00 - enough for 90 - 180 days of twice daily applications.

Kamea® 20 Improves the Appearance of Dry, Rough, and Callused Skin

Kamea®20 contains ingredients that will rehydrate, moisturize, and condition your skin. Kamea®20 is a highly effective foot cream engineered to condition by increasing the water content of your skin, thus restoring the skin's natural properties and suppleness. Kamea®20 will soften and help to exfoliate dry skin and callusing from your feet.
Offered at $22.00 for a 6 oz. tube

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