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What is "body dysmorphic disorder"(BDD)? People with BDD have a distorted perception of their appearance, which leads to an obsessive preoccupation with minimal or imagined flaws in their skin, body shape or physical features.

As many as 10% of clients who seek cosmetic or plastic surgery treatments may have this syndrome. Cosmetic treatments rarely improve BDD and those with these disorders are usually dissatisfied with any treatments they receive.

The preoccupation might appear as repetitive behaviors such as excessive mirror checking, skin picking, excessive grooming or frequent clothes changing. I severe cases this obsession with perceived flaws may cause significant distress, anxiety, and shame that might lead people with BDD to avoid work, school or social situations.

At Lakewood Laser, where we perform treatments to improve or help maintain a healthy and attractive appearance, we are observant of these behaviors and will council those who might have BDD to seek assistance from more appropriate behavioral specialists.

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