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What is 3D Skin Rejuvenation™?

photo_3D.jpgAll clients  present with different skin problems. Imperfections at the surface, deeper in the epidermis or at the deep dermis are common. Unfortunately, as we grow older, our imperfections turn into multi-layered problems - sunspots, skin laxity, visible blood vessels, wrinkles etc.

3D refers to a three-tiered approach to skin rejuvenation -- At Lakewood Laser we treat the skin at three different depths to address the overall "look". Our treatments can affect the skin superficially, mid depth and deeper resulting in noticeably improved skin tone, texture and tightness. For each of these depths we can apply a different treatment device. Separately, each device provides effective improvements for the skin at a particular  depth.  Together, they have a synergistic effect that enhances the improvement that a single device could not achieve.  For this 3D approach, we use in combination the IPL, Laser Genesis and the Titan. 

  • IPL - treats reds and browns and superficial tone  .
  • Laser Genesis -  treats pore size, texture, fine lines and difuse redness
  • Titan - addresses deeper collagen and skin laxity


Come in for a consultation to find out about this unique approach to skin improvement.  We can put together custom packages of treatments to achieve this improved look.

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